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Connor O'Hair
1 month ago
This company made my moving process so much easier. The idea of buying and finding traditional cardboard boxes is such a pain, plus sometimes they are not the most sturdy and a pain to pack safely in the moving truck. Green...
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Georgette Giron
5 months ago
Using these bins instead of boxes saved me so much time and made moving easier. They're sturdy, easily stackable, and can hold a lot of items. Jeff and Don were amazing and super friendly, making drop off and pick up a smooth...
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Aly Myers
9 months ago
These bins made moving so much easier! The bins were sturdy and could hold a lot of weight. They held up well. Loved that you can label them. Pick up and drop off was so easy, Don was efficient and friendly. Will never buy...
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Chandra Martin
10 months ago
I will never use cardboard boxes or any other method if I need to pack up a room to remodel or move ever again. The bins are amazing, but the service and communication are the real stars of this company. Don is incredible,...
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Fantasia Crystals
10 months ago
Such an amazing service! Friendly, fast and affordable. I’ll never buy a box for moving again!
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Meagan Marmon
11 months ago
I cannot explain how AMAZING this company is! Not only are the bins durable, easy to use and hold so many items, but the communication is top notch. Don was so kind and let us know when he would drop off/pick up to the minute....

Moving Totes In Tempe, AZ

Looking for an eco-friendly and hassle-free way to move? Green Bin specializes in providing reusable moving totes in Tempe, AZ. Our reusable totes offer a convenient and sustainable alternative to traditional cardboard boxes. With our top-notch service and commitment to saving both money and trees, we're the go-to choice for all your moving needs in Tempe, AZ. Simply pack, stack, and move with ease. Renting boxes has never been easier or more environmentally friendly. Contact us today and make your move the green way!

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